Joshua Springs Bullhead, AZ Testimonial

I just want to say thank you.

My mother-in-law, Kathryn Benson, is a resident there. We are down here — from MN — visiting her for two weeks.

I have been associated with Assisted living places for over 25 years, as my brother was handicapped. NEVER have I seen a place done as well as JS. Mom is 102 years old, and after one month there is walking better and already actively seeking out the exercise class.  Diana, the exercise instructor, is amazing in designing exercises that work their total body — as well as truly making every person feel special.  Mom is taking a real interest in the wide variety of activities that are provided there and is intending to even start computer lessons with Kim!

The food in the restaurant is so good, that we stay in and eat there with mom because the food is better than the local restaurants. The chef and waitress greet mom by name and already know her preferences.

As a person with a design background, the beauty of the place is a joy to my heart. Not only is it beautiful but your attention to details that make it easier for a senior to live comfortably is so important and you’ve done it perfectly with a beautiful sense of style.

Most importantly, every member on the staff that we have met already knows mom and makes a SINCERE effort to make her feel special.

I know that this is a business for you — but you have made it a loving home. I can’t thank you enough. You are good people — and please tell everyone who made this place so special that they have made a big difference in a lot of lives.  Mom and I have been on a lot of adventures together over the last 40 years, but I told her she is on the best one yet in Joshua Springs. She totally agreed. Thank you. Karen Benson

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